Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Cobblers, common sense, and civil servants

Labour keeps banging on `Vote SNP, Get Tory', claiming that the party with the most seats will get first crack at forming a government. Common sense says this is cobblers, and it turns out the high-ranking civil servants agree with common sense. From Common Space.
THE civil servant who was crucial to forming the current UK government has said that a deal including the Scottish National Party is a “feasible scenario” based on current polling figures.
Sir Gus O’Donnell - whose name is abbreviated to ‘GOD’ inside the political establishment - made the comments to The Guardian when questioned on the implications of a hung parliament.
And from the Guardian.
O’Donnnell said: “The one thing we need to be aware of is people thinking that what Nick Clegg said last time constituted an iron law that only the biggest party, somehow defined either by seats or votes, gets to have the first say. That is not true.”
He added that current polls suggest the most likely government would involve a Labour-Lib Dem coalition supported by the SNP. “If you look at the numbers that looks like a feasible scenario,” he said.

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